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Fathers Aware is a Support group that has been set up for Fathers, by Fathers. This group's main focus is to build awareness not only for each member, but for all Fathers as a collective. Our goals are to:

  1. Become better Father's, and showing our children through action not words the importance of improving oneself.
  2. Greatly improve our communication skills, not only with our children, but also with our wives or ex-wives and other key people in our lives.
  3. Most importantly, this group has been set up to give Fathers a place where they can grow as an individual.

As a member of Fathers "Aware" you have a place to be with men who are going through similar life situations, a place where you can talk without fear of being judged or put down. Here, you will be able to deal with some of your greatest fears and problems with men who have either gone through, or are going through the same or very similar situations. You will be able to ask for help from other guys who have experienced it, not just read a book on it. As well, we will be having trained professionals' visit on a regular basis. This is not a one time meeting; Fathers "Aware" is going to continue on as long as at least one Father wants to take the time to better himself and his relationships with the people around him.

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